2016 Judges Choice Award

Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.
Arizona Department of Transportation
1-15 Virgin River Bridge No. 6 Design

The project included extensive coordination with the BLM, US Fish & Wildlife, and Arizona Game & Fish to minimize impacts to the protected Virgin River and scenic River Gorge. The challenge was completing the design, environmental clearance, and addressing all repairs/replacements within a 3-year time-frame, and all within the budget of the TIGER Grant. The original access road to the site had long since eroded away, with a 25-ft drop in elevation of the River near the remaining access road, plus the River could not be diverted or crossed through. The team developed a temporary, removable bridge crossing and an access road to keep the progress of the most expensive section of interstate highway construction on schedule.

“Thank You” Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. for ensuring I-15 will continue to play a vital role in development and sustainability for local, regional and international economies.